Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Lost Script

This is it! The first post on my new Blogger account devoted entirely to Captain Fattastic.  I do apologize to all those that have started following this blog and have had nothing to actually follow until now.  I created this blog sometime ago, but have only now forced myself to buckle down and start posting.

Any-who... part of why I have not posted anything yet is because the script I was supposed to be working from has vanished into the clutter of our apartment and the back-up is on a recently deceased hard drive.  I'm seriously pissed that I let it come to this - seeing as I'm aspiring to be a professional artist. But that is a therapy session for another day.  Until I find the old script (I will find it - or die trying!), I have begun work on a story that takes place not long after the the first one.  I will be posting more on it as it develops.  I will say that the story is what I would call a Graphic Novelette - very short and very poignant.  The story will be some-what "stand alone" - and will, hopefully, wet everyone's appetite for the multi-part origin story.  It will involve pizza delivery, time-travel and four horsemen. I'm very exited to get going.

In the meantime, I do have one image to show from the lost script.  It was basically a concept test for the second page, in which we meet the bad-guy who's actions set our hero on a journey across the galaxy to discover his destiny. The concept was to use photo-realistic backgrounds with cartoon characters. It was supposed to be kinda like Roger Rabbit.  In the end though, I decided that I didn't like it and went back to hounding Robert to do backgrounds for me Anyway, check it out: